The company was established in 1968 by Gino Pozzebon, a carpenter who dreamt of building a factory for the production of custom furniture.

That dream came true and in a few years the factory employed 25 people in manufacturing semi-finished products for interior decorators.

In the 1990s Gino had a new intuition and began producing his own brand for the market: Novabagno, which then merged with Victoria.

He continued with the idea of providing a fully customised product made of top quality raw materials, and working on individual projects.

Gino’s three children took over management of the company, and still run the family business with passion and dedication.

Pozzebon srl is now a benchmark for bathroom decor, providing a quality product that will adapt to everyone’s budget.

We are the magic wand that transforms what a moment before was a rendering, a sketch on a piece of paper,
or just a flight of imagination.