Open Collection

Open Collection

A touch of colour in your bathroom

Your bathroom space is designed with a functional, minimalist style; the essential geometry makes for tasteful decor in any bathroom, even larger ones. The design exalts shapes and materials, using touches of colour to give harmony to each composition. If you’re looking for uniqueness in your home, Open is the collection for you.

COMP. 221

The vertical tall unit breaks up the symmetry of the composition, creating harmony and uncluttered shapes.

COMP. 222

Clever arrangement of solids and voids in which the horizontal washbasin top, cabinet and mirrors coordinate with the vertical tall unit.

COMP. 223

Simple shapes for a relaxing atmosphere. Contrasting white and grey makes this composition extremely refined.

COMP. 224

Wood grain matched with a brushed glass top is pleasant to touch and gives a new concept of naturalness.

COMP. 225

Simple shapes are practical in use and pursue a new contemporary dimension in the home.

COMP. 226

Modern shapes and a range of finishes provide freedom to create compositions.

COMP. 227

A clean-cut, linear composition with a definite identity. Twin washbasins and large storage units are functional and practical.

COMP. 228

An elegant composition in which design unites with functionality for refined, affordable products.

COMP. 229

Balance and harmony for a functional composition. Daily routines pamper you with warm colours and outstanding wood species.

COMP. 230

A host of colour and finish combinations meet the different needs of contemporary lifestyles.

COMP. 231

The lighting defines volumes and its reflections create colour effects that exalt surfaces to make a warm relaxed atmosphere.

COMP. 232

A dynamic composition distributed to make use of the corner and develop over two walls.

COMP. 233

Functional areas and shapes define this composition, designed to store items of daily use.

COMP. 234

Well-balanced, harmonious shapes; the Geacril washbasin counter also incorporates a towel rail that gives style and originality.

COMP. 235

The linear volumes combine solids and voids, giving a sense of overall balance.

COMP. 236

A simple but extremely functional solution, ideal for adapting to the needs of modern living.

COMP. 237

A composition created around well-defined geometry; different colours underline the logical precision of squares and rectangles.

COMP. 238

The mirror arrangement lends airiness to the composition; the wood grain highlights the natural shades.

COMP. 239

Colour, movement and design merge to create a unique bathroom that’s functional and cosy.




You can customise your bathroom by choosing from different finishes and decor items.
Select your preference from the many models of

of any size, round or rectangular, with or without back lighting.


Regular, minimal or designer, created ad hoc to light up your bathroom.


Different dimensions, materials and colours to make your bathroom unique.

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