Kube Collection

Kube Collection

Clean-cut, square shapes

Shapes inspired by rigid square geometry, at times heightened, at times softened, at times rounded, by washbasins, finishes and accessories. A mix of shapes and colours lends vivacity to a collection that features the same style but can be adapted to any space and personal taste. The airiness and elegance of suspended units generate compositions with definite character.

COMP. 130

Different surfaces, such as cold, hard metal, textured oak and elegant mineralmarmo come together.  The top is fully customisable.

COMP. 131

A compact but capacious composition provided with plenty of shelf space.  The countertop washbasin is in Corian®.

COMP. 132

A simple solution with mineralmarmo washbasin, enhanced by a white Carrara marble top. Practical grip profile.

COMP. 133

Twin washbasins are a convenient idea for en-suite bathrooms.  The delicately shaped countertop washbasins soften the square shapes.

COMP. 134

This compact composition featuring an open unit and rounded mirror is perfect for a guest bathroom.

COMP. 135

A grip profile reflects the unit’s clean-cut lines. The size and shape of the open unit can be customised. The mirror with magnifying area is an original feature.

COMP. 136

This proposition for a master bathroom develops horizontally, with a large mirror surface.  The mirror cabinet doors conceal lots of internal space.

COMP. 137 A

Cabinet with double drawer and grip profile.  Above is a mirror with a frame in the same finish.  The size of all items can be customised.

COMP. 137 B

The same cabinet as the previous composition, a different atmosphere thanks to finishes and details.  Mirror with integrated LED lighting.

COMP. 138

Just sparkling colour and original lighting are enough to give an original air to a room.  Open and closed units provide a dynamic effect.

COMP. 139

Large corner composition, also available in a smaller version suitable for guest bathrooms. The deep drawers in the base unit are large and spacious.




You can customise your bathroom by choosing from different finishes and decor items.
Select your preference from the many models of

of any size, round or rectangular, with or without back lighting.


Regular, minimal or designer, created ad hoc to light up your bathroom.


Different dimensions, materials and colours to make your bathroom unique.

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