Cloe Collection

Cloe Collection

Geometry and nature

The patterns of nature combine with the shapes of design, creating an essential, elegant collection for a bathroom that reflects your style.
The geometry of the decor reflects the shades of terracotta, stone and wood, balances asymmetrical solids and voids, that merge with innovative lighting and functional structures.

Compositions with handles: the painted aluminium handle underlines the geometry of the composition’s design. The handle provides distinct, refined decoration; the perfect choice for those who appreciate details and comfort in use.

Allu 01

Elements in laminate with an oak finish create a restful, positive atmosphere by alternating with the full matt colours of the central wall unit hosting the washbasin.

Allu 02

Stunning colour scheme for this textured composition. Black and oak wood alternate to give gravity to the wall units.

Allu 03

Square profiles are softened by the taps and fittings.  A deep washbasin enhances the top, creating an elegant, discreet structure.

Allu 04

Minimalism and uniqueness. The detail of black handles on a mist lacquered wall unit generates elegant depth.

Compositions with push-pull: Click clack recalls the soft sound of pressure system opening.  The system conceals the mechanics of the design and makes essentiality the distinguishing feature of these compositions. Because visual impact is nil, the clean-cut lines are uninterrupted.

Click Clack 05

The sinuous lines of the taps and fittings contrast with the severe segments of the washbasin, creating a dynamic contemporary effect.

Click Clack 06

The large Emperador stoneware shelf carries two rectangular washbasins, donating a classical marble effect of warm finesse. Cabinets with push-pull opening.

Click Clack 07

Two suspended units with brushed finish top and incorporated washbasin, completed by a capacious cupboard coordinated with the light-coloured wall unit and top.

Click Clack 08

Solids and voids for a geometrical composition that generates useful tops.  The essential lines and soft colours bring a fresh, natural look.

Click Clack 09

Well-defined geometry and integrated open compartments dynamically alternate colours and materials. The cabinet top protrudes slightly and is illuminated.

Click Clack 10

The white marble effect is elegant and refined.  The strong point of the console is the soft lines of the washbasin that accompany the flow of water.

Click Clack 11

A composition with definite character, mitigated by the classic oak laminate.  Wood fills spaces to generate an airy, natural effect.

Click Clack 12

Juggled square and round shapes. The light grain of the stoneware gives a vertical pattern that creates a diversion for a unique, compact effect.

Compositions with grip profiles: a grip profile with 30° doors facilitates direct grip, adds airiness and shows off finishes at their best.  The compositions boast compact good looks and essential practicality.

30° 13

This airy composition has a nordic flavour with suspended units, a minimalist iron structure and a sparkling washbasin recessed into oak wood.

30° 14

A brightly coloured functional solution. The cabinet with grip profile is in American walnut matched with the open side panel of the cupboard.

30° 15

An essential concept with contemporary prompts alternating curves and straight lines.  The rounded washbasins catch the eye.

30° 16

A solution for small bathrooms.  Vertical development and small dimensions highlight the design studied for the best organisation of space.

30° 17

Staggered base units feature plenty of internal space and comfortable opening.  The countertop washbasin with a big personality is a striking feature that does not forego elegance.

30° 18

An oxidated metal effect lends personality to this compact solution with an industrial air.  The doors with grip profiles conceal plenty of internal space.




You can customise your bathroom by choosing from different finishes and decor items.
Select your preference from the many models of

of any size, round or rectangular, with or without back lighting.


Regular, minimal or designer, created ad hoc to light up your bathroom.


Different dimensions, materials and colours to make your bathroom unique.

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