Argo Collection

Argo Collection

A collection of floor-standing or wall-hung vanity units

Lots of ideas to create functional, designer spaces. ARGO presents a collection of floorstanding or wall-hung vanity units designed to be versatile and to adapt to any environment. The opening system consisting of a structural grip recess attached to the unit makes it easy to pull out deep drawers while preserving streamlined aesthetics. Available in many finishes and in matt and gloss lacquer colours.

COMP. 01

A dual-coloured, floor-standing arrangement with a mineral marmo top and an integrated washbasin. The modular bar and the matt nero aluminium accessories customise your bathroom while adding a touch of uniqueness and plenty of functionality. All this is achieved without compromising on aesthetics and design.

COMP. 02

A floor-standing arrangement in a single colour with a two-basin vanity top. A compact solution enriched by coordinated aluminium accessories designed to finish and complement the bathroom with a minimalist style and the ultimate in practicality.

COMP. 03

A dual-coloured wall-hung arrangement with a lacquered top and a countertop basin. A simple and functional unit for a young bathroom that conveys a feeling of well-being in line with the latest design trends.

COMP. 04

A floor-standing, single-coloured arrangement with a lacquered top and a countertop basin. The discreet shade of this vanity unit looks just right in a bright room, making it look bigger, more inviting and more fun.

COMP. 05

A dual-coloured, floor-standing arrangement with a lacquered top and a semi-inset washbasin. From choosing materials, functional elements and finishes to selecting accessories, taking care of every detail is the perfect way to create a refined and stylish room.

COMP. 06

A pietra piasentina grigia-effect wall-hung arrangement with a semiinset washbasin. Get inspired by the beauty of this finish and complete your bathroom with the coordinated accessories available for this model.

COMP. 07

A dual-coloured, floor-standing arrangement with a tecnoril top featuring an integrated basin and a projecting towel holder. Contemporary-style predominant colours are definitely pale and neutral. This is a classic example of a no-nonsense, functional bathroom designed to never go out of fashion.

COMP. 08

A wall-hung arrangement with two vanity basins. An original idea for those looking to furnish their bathroom with two separate washbasins. This visually light bathroom in a rosa cipria or rosa antico finish lends an elegant and soft appeal to the entire room.

COMP. 09

A floor-standing arrangement with a mineralmarmo vanity top featuring an off-centre washbasin. The range of finishes available for the ARGO collection makes it possible to create specific projects that always meet the customer’s requirements. To this aim, the choice of colour is of fundamental importance.

COMP. 10

A wall-hung arrangement with a mineralmarmo vanity top featuring an offcentre washbasin. The new vanity unit with deep drawers, grip recesses and a modern design shown in this bathroom is designed to favour convenient and handy inner space organisation. The modular bar is fitted with accessories useful to keep everything around the washbasin tidy.




You can customise your bathroom by choosing from different finishes and decor items.
Select your preference from the many models of

of any size, round or rectangular, with or without back lighting.


Regular, minimal or designer, created ad hoc to light up your bathroom.


Different dimensions, materials and colours to make your bathroom unique.

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