A tailor-made bathroom
to make your dreams come true

A tailor-made bathroom
to make your dreams come true


We have been specialising in custom decor for over 50 years. Our company’s production is 100% Made in Italy and customised; everything is created in our Treviso facilities, to customers’ needs. When we furnish a bathroom we seek to understand your needs, transform them into a 3D project and then produce them, whatever size, colour or material you select. Our speciality is bathroom décor, but we can make elements for any space and ambience.


Our projects are customised, which means a unique product, short waiting times for production, elimination of storage costs, quick delivery and the certainty of meeting customers’ requirements, whatever they may be.

Materials and colours

Which materials should you use for your bathroom furniture? Which colours? It’s not just a question of aesthetics. As designers and manufacturers we know how important it is to rely exclusively on durable, quality materials. Ours are all produced in Italy, using highly resistant coatings available in 40 standard custom colours. We can create the décor you want in the colours, materials and shapes you desire. The ceramics and glass we use come from certified partners, acknowledged as leaders in their trade.


We are manufacturers, but also architects and designers, so we are ready to listen to your needs and quickly assess feasibility. Our 3D design software and catalogue are at the disposal of professional designers who require a rapid purchase and production process. We are willing to provide operational support, shared control of the final project prior to production and assistance in customising the project. If you need dedicated consultancy, our team is ready to meet your requirements.

Research and design

Being bathroom decor manufacturers for over 50 years has led us to believe in research, updated design and customisation. Right from the start, we adapted our company to market demand and the requirements of those who chose our products, making it lean, innovative and rapid. That’s why we are now able to meet all demands for custom items; because we have built and optimised every process to cater for customisation of every detail. Whatever your project, we can make it promptly, just as you want it.


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Our production is at the service of architects and dealers. We provide them with dedicated consultancy to meet each specific requirement. As we produce unique, custom projects exclusively to order, we can guarantee quicker production and delivery times.

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